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Welcome, friend of Tristan Kromer!

You a fan of Tristan’s work? Me too. Most content on Lean Startups and innovation out there sucks… But Tristan’s writing is always honest, realistic, and genuinely helpful. I’m a fan.

All this to say… I like you already :-) - and I look forward to learning more about what you're doing.

--Kevin Dewalt, August 2015

Hi, I'm Kevin Dewalt. Like you, I run a subscription SAAS app and I have a question for you:

Have you heard of concierge onboarding? Are you doing it to onboard new customers for your SAAS app?

If not, I have some bad news - and some GREAT news.

First the bad news. You're ... losing ... money! Concierge onboarding can double your conversion to paid subscribers. It prevents churn. It helps you optimize your onboarding and teach what your customers want.

Now for the GREAT news. I'm going to show you how to do it based on the best practices we've developed and what we've learned from successful, fast-growing companies.

Ready? Let's make more $ with your SAAS product!

Concierge Onboarding Course

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You know those crappy email courses that fill up your inbox? That promise the world and blame YOU when it doesn’t work?

If so ... you’ll be surprised when:

  • You look forward to getting my course emails.
  • I reply to your emails and offer practical advice.
  • I tell you the honest, brutal truth - even if you don’t want to hear it.
  • You finish with a real strategy for making more money with your SAAS app.

I know because every day entrepreneurs in my email courses tell me these things.

For instance, here’s what Shaun sent me on the last day of a course...

Or see what Roger's said...

This is a practical course -
I will teach you skills you can use IMMEDIATELY

I'm going to get you on track for increasing your MRR. Over just 10 emails you'll learn

  • What your customers are actually thinking - and not saying - when they try your product.
  • How to increase conversions while spending less time on it.
  • How to get a customer on the phone and KILL IT - turn them into a fan for life.
  • How to hire and train people to do concierge onboarding

WAIT...Maybe this ISN'T for you

(seriously - I don't want to waste your time)

Concierge onboarding is most effective when your product is complex, new, or requires a change in customer behaviors.

DO NOT take this course if:

  • You're building an ad-driven consumer product (e.g. search engine). Just do regular customer development.
  • You're competing on price in an established market. Customers already understand what you do.

This course is PERFECT for you if:

  • You're a B2B SaaS product selling a subscription of
  • Customers need to change how they currently work to get the most from your product. (This true for 90% of SaaS companies).
  • Your product is relatively new and you're looking for customer insight in addition to sales growth.

So ... what does concierge onboarding really mean? And why should you care?

Good question. And truthfully ... talking about "concierge" onboarding is kind of weird.

For the last 60 years technology companies sold products by implementing solutions through dedicated sales and support teams.

(Picture a small army of IBM employees dressed like Dilbert...)

Nobody talked about "concierge" onboarding because all B2B selling was done in a partnership with customers.

In the last 10 years that has started to change as SaaS products began winning the market. Suddenly customers can buy our products online with just a credit-card.

"Growth hacking", analytics, conversions, funnel, and UI have suddenly become the rage. Taken to an extreme, many SaaS founders assume that SaaS products will sell themselves.

As you've no doubt discovered ... your product won't sell itself.

(a little louder now ... in case you're skimming this)

SaaS products don't sell themselves.

In the real world, customers don't know what they want. Or understand their problems. And they're not ready to make behavior changes.

These barriers have little to do with your product - and yet you're losing customers because of them.

It's actually easier to overcome them by getting your (qualified) trial customers on a phone call. This process is called "concierge" onboarding.

But ... but ... how do you ... ?

  • Qualify your trial customers?
  • Get them on a phone call?
  • Do this when you don't have a budget for sales?
  • Say the right things to get them to change their will?
  • Get the highest business value from this time?
  • Build a process for doing this?
  • Hire people to do this?

That's what we'll cover in the course.

What the experts are saying

"Kevin has been one of the world’s leading advocates for Lean Startup from the very beginning. He has taught thousands of entrepreneurs and innovators how to create value and minimize waste - and he can help you as well."


Eric Ries

The Lean Startup - Author

"Finding customers is one of the biggest challenges every entrepreneur faces. Kevin’s Helpful Marketing strategy reinforces what I teach in Running Lean - listen to him and you’ll build the relationships with your customers that lead to better products more value."


Ash Maurya

Practice Trumps Theory

What do you have to lose?

I know you’re skeptical - and I’m glad. Because I don’t have some magical elixir to win make you more money. But I do have a process I can teach you that entrepreneurs like me are using.

Do you want to convert more trial customers? Learn about the obstacles in your onboarding? Win their love so they won't defect to competitors?

If so, why not give me a chance to help you?

Ok, Kevin.
I’m skeptical but convinced.
I’ll give you a chance.